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Wanna meet the team behind Application Security From Build To Compliance?

NeuraLegion provides a 0-false positive, AI powered DAST & Fuzzer purpose built for developers & a modern development environment. 

We uniquely integrate into DevOps, scan multiple protocols across Web, mobile & API and are built for developers to provide compliance on every build. 

If the answer is yes, be sure to join us on the 2nd July at BSidesTLV Hybrid Edition, we will provide you with Zoom invitations if you register.
Our team is really excited to meet you!


All-day- Zoom Chat With The DevSecOps and Security Team.
We will be running demos and presentations throughout the day in addition to
a few special presentations (all times are Israel time):



12:00PM - Bar Hofesh, our CTO will discuss:

Putting the Sec in DevSecOps with a modern day DAST solution


13:30 (repeated at 17:30) - Bar Hofesh, our CTO will discuss:

Don't worry, scan API! API security testing for the modern development environment


14:30 (repeated at 17:00) - Art Linkov, our Chief Scientist will discuss:

Business Logic Vulnerabilities in The Age of Automation by NeuraLegion


15:00 (repeated at 18:00) - Bar Hofesh, our CTO will discuss:

Developer focused AppSec - how can developers get compliance on every build

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